CTE Makeover Bootcamp


All eligible entrants to the CTE Makeover Challenge were invited to participate in the CTE Makeover Bootcamp (“Bootcamp”), a six-week program that provided instruction from experts, as well as suggested assignments, readings, resources, and office hours. The Bootcamp prepared participants to improve and expand upon their proposed makerspace concepts. At the completion of the CTE Makeover Bootcamp, eligible participants submitted a second round (“Blueprint”) submission that included detailed design plans, budgets, and implementation strategies.

All lesson plans are available for download here and webinars are available on the CTE Makeover Bootcamp playlist here. These resources can also be accessed through the individual lesson pages linked below.

At the beginning of the Bootcamp, Team Leads were emailed a Teacher’s Guide that corresponded with each lesson, as well as the School Communications Toolkit that included sample messaging and images for teams to share their progress. This email also included further information about Office Hours

Participation Requirements

Watching the orientation webinar—either live or recorded—was required in order for participants to submit a Blueprint (watch here). Beyond the orientation webinar, participation in the other lesson components was strongly encouraged, but not required. Teams were able to select which lessons to complete based on their specific interests and needs. The suggested assignments were designed to help students and teachers actively engage with the lesson content.