CTE Makeover Bootcamp

Lesson 2: Learning through Doing

lesson2 Making encourages students to take learning into their own hands. Explore the topics and skills that can be taught using makerspaces and the projects, tools, and materials needed.





  • Assignment redesign: What assignment could be enhanced through a maker project? For inspiration, see Make: Magazine’s project page and Makerspace Playbook, Ch. 6 “Practices” and Ch. 8 “Projects”
  • Making skills: What real world skills could you learn through making? How could a makerspace project teach this skill either directly or through the process of making?
  • Users: What subjects, grade levels, co-curricular organizations, and extracurricular clubs would benefit from making? Provide an example of how they could use your space.

Office Hours

  • Maker Projects in Education
    Host: Makerspaces.com



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