Welcome to the CTE Makeover Challenge Bootcamp

Welcome to the first day of the CTE Makeover Challenge Bootcamp! Whether you have been making for years or are just getting started, the six-week CTE Makeover Bootcamp has been designed to help you turn your school’s vision for a makerspace into a reality.

Detailed lesson plans, including links to supporting materials, are available here. You can also access the second round (“Blueprint”) submission form using the Luminary Lightbox login you created to complete your first round submission.

To help you get the most out of your Bootcamp experience, please:

    1. Save the Date: The Orientation webinar is this Wednesday at 4:00 PM EDT, where we will cover the basic details of the Bootcamp and answer your questions. If you cannot attend, a recorded version will be posted on the Challenge website by the end of the week. You can access the webinar here.
    2. Review The Teacher’s Guide: (download here) Designed to complement the Bootcamp lessons. Use this document to help you get the most out of this experience based on your unique interests and needs.
    3. Use the School Communications Toolkit: (download here) Share your progress through social media, email, your school’s website, and with your local newspaper using the sample messaging and images in the Toolkit.

As a reminder, add to your address book so that you receive all Challenge communications. Also, please note that moving to the Bootcamp phase does not indicate eligibility. All entrants will be subject to an eligibility confirmation process that we are currently undertaking. 

We look forward to seeing all that you plan to make, break, invent, and create!