CTE Makeover Bootcamp: Week 3 Overview

Week 3 of Bootcamp is underway! We are thrilled to welcome two more experts to answer your questions live in this week’s office hours. As a reminder, recordings of the Orientation webinars and the Bootcamp Office Hours, including the two terrific sessions last week with and Autodesk, are available on our YouTube channel.

Also, you can follow our recently launched @EdPrizes Twitter handle for all Challenge news.

Reminders for Week 3

We encourage you to take advantage of the remaining live office hours sessions to ask experts your making questions. We hope you and your team members can join us to talk to Snap-on Incorporated, U.S. Fab Lab Network, National Coalition of Certification Centers, and Maker Ed this week in the following sessions.

  • Google Hangout with Snap-on Incorporated, U.S. Fab Lab Network, and National Coalition of Certification Centers: Tune in at 4:00PM EDT on Tuesday, April 26th to ask questions on tools, equipment, makerspace safety, or anything else related to Lesson 3: Plan It, Make It.
  • Google Hangout with Maker Ed: Tune in at 6:00PM EDT on Thursday, April 28th to ask questions about involving your community in your makerspace or anything else related to Lesson 4: Identifying and Engaging Your Community.

The event links for office hours this week were sent to Team Leads in this morning’s email from

How to Join Office Hours on Google Hangouts and Ask Questions:GoogleHangoutsOnAir

  • Click the event link and select “Yes” under “Are you going to watch?”
  • When the event starts, click play. If you don’t see anything, please refresh your browser. It may take a minute to load.
  • Log into your Google+ account to ask questions on the event page, or tweet questions using #CTEMakeoverOfficeHours

If you’re joining Google Hangouts On Air for the first time, see this blog post for more tips.